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Hello dear reader,


I’m Ben McEwing. I’ve been writing in many forms for the past 25 years, including blog articles, case studies, crowdfunding campaigns, infographics, internal communications, pitches, positioning statements, presentations, toolkits, training modules, websites, workshops and video scripts.


I’d say my superpower is finding the most compelling, singular truth that connects my clients with their audience, and crafting messages that align. I’m also obsessed with rhythm and tone of voice.


I communicate from a place of creativity, sensitivity, and sharp intuition. That’s my arsenal. I believe the best communication is authentic, meaningful, and has heart. That is what ultimately motivates people to act.


On the following pages are some samples of my work. It’s hard to condense a couple of decades into a linear narrative, so I’ve split the work into the three most relevant
and sought-after sections:

  • Website positioning and copy

  • Long form articles

  • Internal Communications (please treat as confidential)


Feel free to scroll, skim, and scan. If you want to see other types of work, I welcome a conversation to discuss how I can be of service. Happy reading!


Warmly, Ben

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