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Hi, I'm Ben. 

​I'm the youngest of three from a family of talkers.
This upbringing taught me two valuable lessons:

listening is powerful...

... so is self-expression.


I've been exploring ways to communicate ever since.


Advertising, drama school, comedy trio, sales, recruitment, hr, team development, script and copy writing, video production, directing, facilitating, coaching...and meditation (inward communication).

I'm also currently studying a masters in gestalt psychotherapy.


I love people. I love decoding the human experience. I love creating conditions that foster connection.

I'm here to help you understand yourself, your relationships, your teams, and the world a little better, so you can meet it all with clarity and confidence. I will help you build self-awareness so you can make more informed choices to move in the direction you need and want to go.

I work from a place of creativity, truth, sensitivity and sharp intuition. That's my arsenal. 

And I believe all meaningful change starts with a quality conversation. If you agree, let's...

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