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Hi, I'm Ben. 

​I'm the youngest of three from a family of talkers.
This upbringing taught me two valuable lessons:

listening is powerful...

... so is self-expression.


I've been exploring ways to communicate ever since.


Advertising, drama school, comedy trio, sales, recruitment, hr, team development, script and copy writing, video production, directing, facilitating, coaching...and meditating (inner communication).

I'm also currently studying a masters in gestalt psychotherapy.

I love people. I love decoding the human experience. I love jumping out of a plane because I'm scared
of heights. That's me realising how wide my mouth can get at 14,000 feet. Lucky I flossed. 

I'm here to harness communication and help others do the same. Not just communicate: connect.

We're all plugged in, but not connected. Everyone's too "busy".

Our focus is fragmented.

My job is to align those fragments through insight and story. To inspire us to reconnect at a deeper level. There's enough bling in this world. Let's get real. 

I communicate from a place of creativity, truth, sensitivity and sharp intuition. That's my arsenal. 

And I believe the best communication conveys meaning,

depth, and heaps of heart. 


If you agree, let's...

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