Hi I'm Ben. 

I'm the youngest of three from a household of talkers.

This upbringing taught me two valuable lessons:

Listening is powerful...

... I have a mighty need to express myself.


So it's no surprise that my life and career is about exploring communication from many angles: advertising,

drama school, comedy trio, inbound sales, recruitment,

team development, script and copy writing, directing, facilitating, coaching...and most important of all: meditation.

I love people. I love the human experience. I love jumping out of a plane because I'm scared of heights. That's me realising how wide my mouth can get at 14,000 feet. Lucky I flossed. 

I'm here to harness communication and help others do the same. Not just communicate: connect. 

We're all plugged in, but not connected. We're too "busy".

Our focus is fragmented.

My job is to build a bridge between those fragments and piece them back together. To bring alignment through insight and story. To inspire us to reconnect.  At a deeper level. There's enough bling in this world. It's time to get real. 

I communicate from a place of creativity, truth, sensitivity and sharp intuition. That's my arsenal.  

And I believe the best communication conveys meaning

and heaps of heart. 


If you agree, let's...