Know what to do.
Feel empowered.
Unleash your truest self.

Where are you at?

Step up.

Overcome the nerves.

Use your voice to influence
and inspire.

I know the fear of facing an audience.
It's primal.

​As a trained actor, writer and director, I'll teach you the tools to help you nail it:

  • a clear story

  • a grounded body

  • confidence to express your authentic self.


"I'm presenting..."

“What a gift, being heard and understood so deeply, I got to know myself better. Thank you Ben, you guided me deeper into my heart, which has always known where I want to go.“

The change you want to make starts right here and now.

Your heart is beating. Your eyes are open. You know you want more. But for some reason it hasn't happened yet. And it's driving you a little cuckoo. That's OK, I've got your back.


I am an intuitive coach. That means I listen deeply, I feel into your unique situation,
then I guide you to the outcomes you desire with compassion, purpose, and a range of tools and techniques to get you energised and focused. And with a heart that's beating too.


I work with individuals and professionals who are ready to look within, ask the deeper questions
and are willing to take the necessary action in their lives. The result? 

Your true self emerges, peacefully and positively. Expect clarity, confidence and flow.


We're living on a planet that needs more people like you. Those who are ready to live in balance with the head AND the heart. The more we do that, the better this world will be. So let's begin...

 "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.   The second best time is now." 

 - Chinese Proverb -